This cult, known by its adherents as “One World” (Dàrsàzkrò: Berdìàmuis; Pozòpkrò: Beròrak), a derivative of Bicreationism, having the same basic view of the multiverse, but it teaches that the prime material was the original plane created, and that the positive and negative planes are component parts of it. It is definitely a minority cult and is actively suppressed in most places where it is practiced.


The Monocreationist cult is found in small numbers throughout the lands where the Bicreationism is practiced (i.e. the Barrier Islands and the lands along the west and south coasts of the Gulf of Kòmòr). The only place it is the dominant cult and openly practiced is on the islands of Kzenòsì within the realm of Gomòqozòlop.


This cult believes that it was Òrakvoskò (meaning “King of the World”, who represents the principles of balance and neutrality in terms of both the Law/Chaos and Good/Evil axes) who created the multiverse. The two major Bicreationist deities, Yòrepkerzò (“Lord of Light”, embodying the positive principles such as law, good, creation, life, light, etc.) and Pòromseber (“Dark One” who embodies the negative principles such as chaos evil destruction, death, dark, etc.) are held to be integral aspects of the created multiverse over which they contend.


There are two main sects within the Monocreationist cult which differ on the question of the nature of the lesser two deities. The Separatists believe they are actual entities separate from the positive and negative planes, while the Unionists, who make up the majority, believe that they are one with their planes (i.e. pantheistic in nature). The contention between these two sects is often quite heated, and has resulted in occasional outbreaks of violence.


This cult, being mostly an underground cult, has a loose hierarchy and few actual temples, with most worship taking place in hidden shrines in basements, etc. The hierarchy is more formally established within Kzenòsì.


None (this cult is itself a variant of Bicreationism).


Relations with Other Cults 

Generally, Monocreationists view the other cults as simply mistaken in their interpretation of the origin and nature of the multiverse, and are active proselytes, which causes friction with the local dominant religious authorities.


Centre: While there is no formal official cult centre, the temple in Iyilnikè [Klpz-20] functions for all practical purposes as the cult centre.

Liturgical Language: Sòsorkrò is the formal liturgical language of scripture, but the scriptures have all been translated into various vernaculars and most activity and worship is done in the local vernacular. Kuolpô is taking over as the official language of this sect.

Approximate # of Worshippers 94,500

Separatists: 18,000

                Unionists: 76,500


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