This is a break-away cult of Senioism that believes that the demiurge, Kamka, did not sacrifice himself, but rather that he lives on as a pantheistic deity, one with the multiverse.

The sects adherents call it Kamkadl, which translates roughly asKamkaism.


Vivarian Senioists are found in small numbers wherever Senioism is practiced.


Effectively the same as Senioism except for the belief that Kamka is still living. The other major difference is that all the deities are worshipped in common temples.


As a Senioist variant, the Vivarians are also divided into three sects, one for each triad.

-          Communalist (Lawful)

-          Individualist (Chaotic)

-          Medianist (Neutral)

These sects are viewed as all essential, and while individual lay worshippers will identify with a particular triad, they address their prayers to the most appropriate deity.


This cult, being repressed, has a chaotic hierarchy and structure. Each nation has its own hierarchy which often differs greatly in detail from that in other nations. The three sects share temples.


 This cult is itself a variant of Senioism.

Relations with Other Cults 

                The Vivarians are an evangelical cult, and as such they oppose all other cults as heretical or misguided. They work actively to spread their cult, and often resort to violence, particularly in response to attacks/insults of mainstream Senioists.


Centre: Each nation has its own centre, as follows:

-          Darsazom: Bekdrad [Bkrd-19], capital of the Bekdrad province of Darsazom.

-          Dzabs: Deredra [Dzbs-94], capital of the province of Deredra of the Dzabs division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Dzadus: Sudos [Dzds-97], capital of the Sudos state in the province of Kkim in the Dzadus division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Dzaurs: uzsos [Dzrs-15], capital of the uzsos state in the province of Dkare in the Dzaurs division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Dzodxom: Oxm [Oxmo-01], capital of the Oxm province of Kingdom of Dzodxom.

-          Falrerisa: elerasa [Flrs-28] in the state of Neyelras in the Kingdom of Falrerisa.

-          Farerya: Keswes [Frry-29] in the state of Ideskel in the Kingdom of Farerya.

-          Izbadexom: Drkre [SrbQ-15], capital of the province of Srbe Qers in the Kingdom of Izbadexom.

-          Krekdrur  (Under Sedxom)

-          Krs: Sosqom [Krso-12] in the province of Qom in the Krs division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Omdr: Odkarer [Omdr-05] in the province of Dum in the Omdr division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Rrfesr: Rsirif [Rsfr-29] in the state of Faresr in the Kingdom of Rrfesr.

-          Saderdos: ameka [Sdrs-01] in the province of Bredaker in the Saderdos division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Srereran: Ferenelas [Srrn-81] in the duus region of the Kingdom of Srereran.

-          Sima: Ikdidr [Smaa-97], capital of the province of Ikdidr in the Sima division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Simaurs: Komrrk [Smrs-105], capital of the province of Komrrk in the Simaurs division of the Empire of Srda.

-          Sedxom: Dikromba [Sodx-01], capital of the Dikromba state in (and effective capital of) the Federation of Sedxom.

Liturgical Language: Srdkra is the formal language used in scripture, but worship is in the local vernacular.

Approximate # of Worshippers 1,326,500

-          Communalist (Lawful): 603,500

-          Individualist (Chaotic): 283,500

-          Medianist (Neutral): 439,500


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