This is the racial cult of the Sutl, who call it Tvqbad (meaning Tvqian), and is centred on the worship of Tvq, a three-headed reptilian demon-like being.


This cult is almost exclusive to the Sutl and thus is found only in the marshes of Sutl and the lands immediately surrounding it.


This cult is sometimes considered a derivative of Omnianism as it shares some of its basic tenets, such as the uncreated nature of the multiverse, and the existence of spirits, however it differs in several important ways. First, and foremost, it rejects the existence of a pantheistic supreme deity, believing instead in the existence of a large number of god-like beings and demons.

Tyvq, the racial deity of the Sutl, is a triple-aspected deity, however, unlike most such deities whose aspected nature is generally metaphysical in nature, he has three heads, each of which is considered to have its own personality and nature. They are as follows.

-          lrku (left head/CE): Who embodies the principles of Chaos.

-          Drvrku (centre head/NE): Embodies the principles of Neutrality on the Law/Chaos axis.

-          Elterkqb (right head/LE): The embodiment of the principles of Lawfulness.




There are three sects, one dedicated to each of Tyvqs heads.

-          Centrists (Drvrku)

-          Leftists (lrku)

-          Rightists (Elterkqb)

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                        Centrist & Rightist                                                                                                           Leftist


Each sect has a structure and hierarchy that reflects the principles embodied by the head it worships. Rightists have a strict structure and hierarchy, Centrists have a loose one, and the Leftists have none.



Relations with Other Cults 

Tricephalists view all cults and deities as valid, but deem the others to be of less importance than their own. Devotees of other cults are tolerated, but face a number of restrictive laws, etc., and apostates are frowned on.


Centre: There are a number of centres, depending on which sect is involved.

-          Centrist: It has three centres, one in each tyranny. These are: Qkuixu [Sutl-11] in Klrkl, Xrbixu [Sutl-18] in Vbu, and Klvud [Sutl-38] in Drabw.

-          Leftist: None

-          Rightist: Barr [Sutl-26] in Vbu.

Liturgical Language: Suatl is used for all purposes.

Approximate # of Worshippers: 632,500

-          Centrists (Drvrku): 145,500

-          Leftists (lrku): 321,500

Rightists (Elterkqb): 165,500


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