This is the racial cult of the Yesnčŕ people, who have no term for their belief system.


This cult is restricted to the Yesnčŕ and so is found only on the frigid Rerěfurač peninsula in the extreme south of Djapar.


This cult has but one deity, Ŕene, who is both the universal demiurge and the unique specific racial deity of the Yesnčŕ. Each tribe has its own specific creation story with Ŕene as the creator, as well each tribal grouping has its own variants on the various myths, stressing the primacy and cosmic importance of their particular tribe/lineage.

The Yesnčŕ see the multiverse as existing to serve/test them individually and as a people.

The Yesenčŕ have no concept of earthly fatherhood, they believe that every child is directly conceived by Ŕene himself, thus the name of the cult.


The differences in mythology, practice, and doctrine from one tribe to another are great enough that each tribe can be considered to have its own sect.


There is no formal structure or hierarchy.



Relations with Other Cults 

Theopaternalists do not consider the beliefs of non-Yesnčŕ to be of any importance whatsoever, and thus they completely ignore the existence of other cults. However, apostasy is a capital crime among them, so there are effectively no non-Theopaternalist Yesnčŕ.



Centre: There is no overall centre for this cult, though each district is the effective centre of its local cult.

Liturgical Language: Yesnčsč

Approximate # of Worshippers 52,500


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