This cult is unique in that it believes that the supreme demiurge dies in the process of creating the multiverse. It teaches that control of the multiverse is now in the hands of the demiurges children, three sets of twins, and their children.

The adherents of this sect refer to it as Urrarem Drs, which translates as Cult of the Dead God.


This is one of the major cults of Djapar, being the dominant cult in most of the lands to the east of the line of the Risfrus-selr-Krevr/Ǩaklu Rivers.


The supreme demiurge is Kamka (also known as Ur Somre "The Dead God"). He sacrifices himself to bring about creation, his body becomes the material world and his blood becomes three sets of twins.

These twins, one each male and female (generally it is undefined as to which is which, but the norm is for the good to be seen as essentially feminine) represent the G/E extremes of each part of the L/N/C axis.

Each set of twins give birth to a child who embodies the N aspect of the appropriate L/N/C part. The child is represented as either male or female, and sometimes as neuter.

These deities are as follows:

-          Chaotic: k (CG) and Audadk (CE) and their child Uzserr (CN)

-          Lawful: Rokre (LG) and Rdekyas (LE) and their child Rdek (LN).

-          Neutral: Rrkaqar (NG) and Rxodsur (NE) and their child Drrkez (NN)

Each triad is worshipped as a unit, and the alignment of an individual is seen as due to the hidden influence of the appropriate member of that triad. 


There are three sects in the Senioist cult, one for each triad, as follows:

-          Communalist (Lawful)

-          Individualist (Chaotic)

-          Medianist (Neutral)

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                        Communalist                                                                                                                     Individualist

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The cult itself has a strict unified hierarchy and structure that mostly mirrors the political structure of the various nations.


There are two main variants of this cult: Duogeminism and Vivarian Senioism.

Relations with Other Cults 

 Senioists are not particularly tolerant of other cults and actively works to promote their cult. While other cults are not strictly suppressed, they and their devotees are generally subjected to discriminatory laws and taxes, etc., particularly the Vivarians (seen as heretics).

The Duogeminists are the exception and they are actively persecuted.


Centre: Akamars [Dzrs-034]

Liturgical Language: Srdkra is the formal language used in both scripture and worship.

Approximate # of Worshippers10,985,000

-          Communalist (Lawful): 4,800,500

-          Individualist (Chaotic): 2,280,000

-          Medianist (Neutral): 3,904,500


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