This is the racial cult of the Na'dme, and it focuses on the worship of their racial deity, Risma, who embodies all the virtues they value.

Their term for the sect is Vsňid Vilyael, which translates as “The Way of the Open Road”.


This cult is practiced exclusively by the Na’dme, and thus can be found throughout Djapar, with the sole exception of the Yesnč lands in the far south, which they avoid.


This cult has no formal priesthood or dogma, and each clan has its own approach to the proper method of worship.

The greater conflict of alignments is irrelevant to this cult, it sees "good" as anything that exhibits the values of the Na'dme (effectively CN), and anything else as "evil", though it is particularly antagonistic towards Lawfulness.


Each clan has its own interpretation of the cult; however, these differences are not a source of sectarian violence or strife.


This cult has no formal structure or hierarchy.



Relations with Other Cults 

While Rismaists are generally accepting of other cults, seeing them as the local or racial deities of their devotees, they take little or no heed in their rules or sensibilities, deeming them inapplicable to themselves. A small number of Na’dme have converted to other cults, and are generally shunned by the rest, being seen as some sort of race traitor. 


Centre: Being the religion of a nomadic itinerant people, this religion has no centre, or places of worship.

Liturgical Language: The Na'degač language (Ra'dedač, Sa'detač, or Va'desač) appropriate to the "nation" of the clan is used.

Approximate # of Worshippers 805,000.


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