This is a racial cult of the Busögyō, who refer to their belief system as Uplņpņlop which translates roughly as “True Path”.


 This cult is found only in Busögyöa and the mainland portion of the Nģč colony of the Republic of Nenel.


This cult recognizes but one God: Nulabņa. It has no universal creation myth, rather each tribe and group has its own in which they figure prominently. These myths have little in common beyond the belief that the Busögyō were created by Nulabņa.


While there are no formal sects within this cult, there are minor variations in beliefs, myths, and practices from one group to another. These differences are often a source of conflict between clerics, but are not considered important by the lay worshippers.


 This cult has no formal structure or hierarchy.



Relations with Other Cults 

Ranaeists have no real issue with other cults, considering them nothing more than the racial/ethnic cults of their devotees, though they do take a very dim view of converts and missionaries, often persecuting them severely.


Centre: None.

Liturgical Language: Busög

Approximate # of Worshippers 38,000


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