This is the newest and smallest of the major cults, being a derivative of Materism. Its theology and cosmology generally match that of Materism, except that the gender of the primary beings is switched.

Its adherents refer to it as The Father Cult (Kadlklavu in Kunkladu).


Paterists are found in varying numbers throughout most of the region dominated by Materism (i.e. north and west of a line of the KirhýrŔsŔ-Nuvkalu/NelÜýsŔ-Ǩulkuxa Rivers). While most such communities are small, Paterists make up the dominant cult in some realms, namely Kox¨, Kuik¨, Kuvkuk, Nenel, Nur-Ruqin, Uk¨atzav, and large parts of ErefinhŔ.


This cult teaches that the multiverse was created by KÓavuk˛, the All Father (Kuglu Kadu), by act of will, as a result of his loneliness. Creation is seen as an insensate female quasi entity (Xakxwavu) with whom he mates, and bears a set of twin boys.

-      Kukiv¨du: The positive deity representing the principles of good, law, life, creation, etc.

-      Xun¨du: The negative deity representing evil, chaos, death, destruction, etc.

These two child deities struggle over control of the multiverse (their "mother") behind the scenes so to speak, by influencing the actions of people, etc., though they are seen as far more directly active than the deities of Materism.

The three are worshipped together as a triad, generally portrayed as a father with a child on each shoulder.

The cult believes in reincarnation, with a birth-death-rebirth cycle in which the condition of oneĺs rebirth is dependant on the way one lives in the previous life/lives. 


While there are no major sectarian divisions within this cult, there are some minor doctrinal differences between the three main regions. Thus, the cult can be divided into the following three branches:

-              KasŔrŔan: In and around the realms of ErefinhŔ, Nenel, and Uk¨atzav. This is the original or orthodox sect.

-              Kuvk¨ran: In and around the realms of Kox¨, Kuik¨, and Nur-Ruqin.

-              Kuvkýan: in and around the Kingdom of Kuvkuk.

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                        KasŔrŔan                                                                                              Kuvk¨ran


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This cult has an evangelical structure, by which I mean that the relative ranking of a given community is based on the status of the missionary who founded it. The hierarchy mirrors that of the Materist cult to a large degree.


                There are no variants as this sect is itself a variant of Materism. 

Relations with Other Cults 

 Paterists tend to be unaccepting of other cults, particularly Materism, which they see as a heresy.


Centre: Kidtz [Uktz-28] in Uk¨atzav is the centre of the entire cult, each of the semi-sects has its own centre, as shown below

-          KasŔrŔan: Kidtz [Uktz-28] in Uk¨atzav

-          Kuvk¨ran: ┘rakilkýul [Kvkr-73] in Kuik¨

-          Kuvkýan: Lukuvkil [Kuvk-14] in Kuvkuk

Liturgical Language: Kitza for scriptures and often for worship, though the vernacular is also used.

Approximate # of Worshippers: 2,882,000

-          KasŔrŔan: 1,243,000

-          Kuvk¨ran: 554,500

-          Kuvkýan: 1,084,500


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