This cult, known as Heavenly Path (Tusv Vekl) to its adherents, centres on the worship of the active principle/demiurge, known as the Sky Father. It is an ancient cult, that predates the general Djapar religious tradition, though it is generally seen by sages as being related to Omnianism, some even going so far as to posit that it is the original cult from which Omnianism sprang.


This cult is almost exclusively practiced by the Dasa people in and around the Dasakna region of the Kingdom of Ukn.


The Ouranosist cult believes in two primordial principles, one active male, and the other a passive female. It teaches that creation is a result of the interaction of these two principles. While the Ouranosist theologians do not consider these two principles to be actual deities, they are treated as such in the day to day devotions of the cults adherents.

The two principles are as follows:

1.       Aextvk (Sky Father): The active male principle, which is seen as motive and conscious.

2.       Vukuldud (Earth Mother): The passive female principle which is seen as non-motive and non-conscious.

Ouranosists believe in the existence of a large number of nature, elemental and ancestor spirits, through whom priests can access the magical power of the divine. While these spirits are seen as actual individual entities, they are not seen as divine in any way, merely as very powerfully magical semi-corporeal beings just as natural and as much a part of creation as are people.

Philosophically it is a very pacifistic religion, stressing the importance of compromise, consensus, and cooperation.


There are no sects in this cult.


There are no formal temples in this cult; rather there are a large number of mostly nature-based sanctuaries (grottos, springs, waterfalls, cemeteries, groves, peaks, etc.) Similarly, there is no over all hierarchy for the cult, each sanctuary having its own little hierarchy, as determined by the ranking priest/shaman of that particular sanctuary.




Relations with Other Cults 

Ouranosists see the deities of the various other cults as nothing more than misidentified spirits, but given the accommodating and peaceful nature of the Ouranosist cult, they do not press the issue and allow the religious minorities in their lands to practice freely, viewing them as somewhat nave and misguided but essentially harmless, with an almost bemused air.

It is generally agreed among sages that the basic Ouranosist creation myth influenced that of both the Materists and Paterists. Also, the Spiritualist branch of Materism is considered to be largely due to the influence of Ouranosist beliefs regarding spirits.


Centre: There is no formal centre of this cult; however, the main sanctuary in Ibars [Ukun-34] (in the Dasakna region of Ukn) is generally recognized as the most holy.

Liturgical Language: Das

Approximate # of Worshippers 65,000


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