This cult, referred to by its adherents as the asauǧ (which means "Ten Thousand" for the supposed number of deities recognized), is unique in that it accepts and recognizes all gods.


This cult is almost exclusively practiced by the Rna, found in eastern Kaluvakduv and the islands off that coast.


             This cult teaches that the divine is unknowable, ineffable, and inexpressible, and thus all mythologies are equally valid, but flawed, expressions of the divine. Therefore, all deities are recognized and accepted, and all myths and creation stories, etc. are as well.


Depending on how one looks at it, there are either no sects, or thousands of them.


                There is no overall structure or hierarchy, each individual temple has its own.


Depending on how one looks at it, there are either no variants, or thousands of them.

Relations with Other Cults 

Obviously, Omnists have no problem whatsoever with devotees of other cults, though this tolerance is not usually reciprocated, and Omnists are often discriminated against.


Centre: There is no real formal cult centre, but the island of an [Oasn-01], being the only remaining free Rna realm, functions as such for all practical purposes.

Liturgical Language: While all languages are theoretically acceptable (seeing as all scriptures are seen as valid), the actual Omnist scriptures, etc. are in Harlslwin.

Approximate # of Worshippers562,000.


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