This is the racial cult of the Serèdè people, who refer to it as the Hundred-fold path (Hilèyahèdasa).


                This cult is practiced almost exclusively by the Serèdè and so is found only in the Wetland of Sihè Kesmelè and the Kyòròan colony of Tudè Krekò


                This cult teaches that there are one hundred deities, most associated with some natural feature, a river or island, etc. These deities are by necessity not very powerful individually and it is best to think of them as glorified nature spirits.


                There are two major sects among the Hektotheists, the majority Syncretists who believe that the various deities of the cult are actually aspects or avatars of a smaller number of actual deities. There is little agreement as to exactly how many, so there are a large number of sub-sects. The other, minority, sect is the Traditionalists, who teaches that each of the hundred gods is its own unique entity. The Serèdè consider this a vitally important matter, but the dispute is carried out in learned debates and discussions rather than in violence or heated passion.


                This cult has no temples, only innumerable small shrines and has no formal hierarchy.



Relations with Other Cults 

                While Hektotheists are generally not very accepting of other cults, they do not actively oppose them, seeing them as nothing more than worshiping aspects of the “real” deities.


Centre: None

Liturgical Language: All worship is carried out in the Serèšè language

Approximate # of Worshippers 17,000

-          Synchretist: 12,500

-          Traditionalist: 4,500

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