This cult, known by its adherents as Sisterism (Ftahunǧana),  centres on the worship of three sister goddesses. It is considered to be a racial variant of the basic Djaparč triurne religious tradition.


This cult is practiced almost exclusively by the Naǧafta people living in and around the lands of the Naǧaftaxa Confederacy.


This cult believes that the multiverse was created by Haǧufta, a distant ill-defined father/creator deity who takes little to no interest in the events of the world. He has three daughters (whose parentage, order, and manner of birth vary from one tribe/clan to another). The creation story is that he created the multiverse so his daughters could have something to entertain themselves.

These three goddesses are irredeemably evil and capricious. They are as follows:

-          Anaǧuņ: Chaotic Evil

-          Tuftaka: Neutral Evil

-          Uǧāa: Lawful Evil

This cult believes that these three have been given governance of the multiverse, and thus nothing happens without their connivance/involvement. However, it also teaches that the Sisters’ primary motivation is to amuse themselves with the suffering of mortals. 


There are three sects (Anaǧuņist, Tuftakaist, and Uǧāaist) within this cult, one for each of the sisters. While these sects compete fiercely for followers, they are seen as being complimentary parts of the whole cult.

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                                Anaǧuņist                                                                                                                            Tuftakaist

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Each sect has its own loose structure and hierarchy.



Relations with Other Cults 

Oddly enough for a cult of so violent a people, Filiaists tend to just ignore other cults, seeing their devotees as being misguided or just plain ignorant of reality.

It holds that all other deities are in fact manifestations of one or more of the sisters.


Centre: Each sect has its own centre, as follows:

-          Anaǧuņist: Sčaya [Ngft-04]

-          Tuftakaist: Ťuftung [Ngft-10]

-          Uǧāaist: Ǩuntā [Ngft-07]

Liturgical Language: Naǧaftaxač

Approximate # of Worshippers 27,000

-          Anaǧuņist: 12,000

-          Tuftakaist: 9,500

-          Uǧāaist: 5,500


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