This is not really an organized cult or belief system, but rather a vague reverence for the elemental forces that underlay the material world. It plays little to no role in the day to day lives of its “adherents”.

Note: The term “Elementalism” (Kadwaku) is one used by sages in the neighbouring Ǩlarìè lands, the local Kukuvaka have no term for their belief system and do not even really consider it a religion.


This belief system is almost completely exclusive to the Kukuvaka people (Thri-Kreen).


This cult has no formal tenets or dogma beyond an acceptance of the multiverse being a combination of various elements. There is, in fact, no real consensus as to what constitutes an element, with some considering some semi-elements and quasi elements to be independent elements and some considering different ones, and so on. Each individual decides for themselves what relevance the “cult” has to them and what it requires of them.


There are no sects within this cult.


There is no structure, hierarchy, or anything of the sort for this “cult”.



Relations with Other Cults

The putative adherents of this quasi-cult consider the whole idea of deities to be more or less irrelevant, viewing them at best simply as very powerful creatures, or as purely imaginary.


Centre: There is no centre for this belief system

Language: What little worship/religious activity takes place does so in the local vernacular (almost always one of the Kukuvakyè languages).

Approximate # of Worshippers: 40,000


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