This is the racial cult of the Yedekav people. It is centered on the worship of two deities: zedf, the Rock Father, and Dpheye, the Water Mother. It is known by its adherents as the Way of Rock and Water (zet Mp Haya).


 This cult is limited to the Yedekav realm in the Yagsag Mountains


                This is a racial cult centered around the supposed progenitor deities of the Yedekav people.

-          zedf , the Rock Father

-          Dpheye, the Water Mother.              


                There are two sects: the Dfist sect dedicated to zedf; and the Heyeist sect dedicated to Dpheye. These sects are complimentary and are not in conflict.


 Each sect has its own temples and hierarchy.


                There are no variants of this cult.

Relations with Other Cults 

                Followers of the Duodeist cult view other cults as racial cults like theirs and so have no inherent conflicts, but proselytizing among the Yedekav is severely frowned on.



-          Dfist: Keya G [GlSl-06], capital of the Mdelg Cete.

-          Heyeist: Ogs [GlSl-11], capital of the Kal Pag Cete.

Liturgical Language: All worship is carried out in the Yedekya language.

Approximate # of Worshippers 169,000

-          Dfist: 112,500

-          Heyeist: 56,500


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