This cult, known as Ades˛rokezk (Two Universes), believes that there are two creations, two existences, each created by its own demiurge, and that the physical world is the intersection of those two creations.

Although this cult is primarily focused on the worship of a single deity, the existence of two greater cosmic demiurges puts it firmly within the general DjaparŔ religious tradition.


This cult is practiced in the Barrier Islands and the lands along the west and south coasts of the Gulf of K˛m˛r.


There are two demiurges, one positive and one negative, each of whom created their own universe. As these universes expanded, they overlapped, and that overlap is the material plane. The demiurges are as follows:

Y˛repkerz˛ (Lord of Light), the positive entity, embodying the principles of law, good, creation, life, light, etc., and P˛romseber (Dark One), the negative entity who embodies the principles of chaos, evil, destruction, death, darkness, etc.

The Prime Material is ruled over by third, sub-created being, who came into existence along with the plane itself, and who is pantheistic in nature, being seen as one with the plane. He is Ďrakvosk˛ (King of the World), who embodies the principles of balance and neutrality in terms of both Law/Chaos and Good/Evil.

It is Ďrakvosk˛ who is actively worshipped as the ruler of the material world, while the two demiurges are seen as distant and only indirectly involved in the affairs of the material plane, some theologians even theorizing that they are not actually aware of the material plane at all.


There are a number of sects and sub-sects and variants of this cult. The minority sects are generally tolerated by the majority sect, with only occasional outbreaks of persecution, etc. The primary division has to do with the sequence of creation: The Positivists believe that Y˛repkerz˛ created the Positive Material Plane first, and thus hold the ôpositiveö principles to be the greater; the Negativists believe that P˛romseber created the Negative Material Plane first and thus hold the ônegativeö principles to be the greater. The Synchronists, who make up the great majority of cultists, hold that the two were created at the same time, and thus neither the positive nor the negative principles are greater than the other.

In addition, there is a difference of theological opinion regarding the nature of the demiurges themselves. The Unionists, who are the minority, believe that the demiurges are pantheistic in nature with regards to their respective planes, while the Separatists believe that they are entities separate and distinct from their creations.

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Positivist/Separatist                                                                                                        Synchronist/Separatist

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                Synchronist/Unionist                                                                                                         All other sects


There is no formal hierarchy in this cult and each individual temple is effectively independent (much like the many small splinter evangelical Christian churches in the U.S.).



Relations with Other Cults

They see the other cults as simply wrong, and view their deities as either figments of the imagination, or as nothing more than powerful entities created by one of the three deities they recognize. The exception to this general rule is the Monocreationist cult, who are viewed as dangerous heretics and actively suppressed.


Centre: There is no specific centre, but the cult originated in the Ďr˛rŔ realm of Ox˛r˛, which is therefore viewed as particularly sacred.

Liturgical Language: S˛sorkr˛ is the language of the cultĺs scriptures, but most activity and worship is done in the local vernacular.

Approximate # of Worshippers: 965,500

                Positivists: 111,000

                                Separatists: 76,500

                                Unionists: 34,500

                Negativists: 74,500

                                Separatists: 52,000

                                Unionists:  22,500

                Synchronists: 780,500

                                Separatists: 530,500

                                Unionists: 249,500


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