This cult, known as Rifdenesr (Hidden Path) to its adherents, is a secretive cult dedicated to the worship of Ekerese (Sky King), the racial god of the Tugrbt. The devotees publicly follow the predominant religion of whatever area they are in, keeping their true devotion to themselves.

With its complete emphasis on a single deity, this cult is not considered to be part of the general Djapar religious tradition; though some sages consider it an offshoot of the proto-Omnianist religion that they theorize preceded the current cults.


This cult is practiced exclusively by the Tugrbt along the Kuar and Risfrus rivers.


The Avemists do not have a creation story; they believe the multiverse has always existed, eternal and uncreated. This cult is a secretive and race specific one, with non-Tugrbt not welcome, and the devotees of the cult will not admit it exists.


Avemism has no real sects, though each of the subraces envisions the deity as having the appearance of their avian form (egret or heron).


This cult has no temples, and few priests, and worship is generally a personal and private thing done almost entirely internally.



Relations with Other Faiths

They accept the existence of other deities, but hold them to be of lesser importance than the Sky King, who they see as the personal ancestor of their race.


Centre: None

Liturgical Language: Either of the Edne languages.

Approximate # of Worshippers: 73,000

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