This is the racial cult of the Namalya people. They have no word for their belief system.


                This cult is found in the Yagsag Mountains of eastern Ninšon,


                This is a primitive animistic cult with an emphasis on mountain and weather (especially cold related) spirits. Sylphs are particularly venerated, seen as the messengers of the greater spirits.


                There are no formal sects but each shaman communes with a different set of spirits and so has his/her own rituals, etc.


                There is no structure or hierarchy for this cult, each shaman being independent of the rest.


                There are no formal variants of this cult, but as each shaman has a different set of practices which can vary widely it could be said that there are a very large number of variants.

Relations with Other Cults 

                Montanist animists do not recognize the validity of other cults and actively resist their introduction into their tribes.


Centre: None

Liturgical Language: All services are carried out in the Namalǧa language.

Approximate # of Worshippers 3,000


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