Sun and Moon Calendar

Karux Ixa Kixkr [KAH-ruh-ksee | ih-KSAH | KIHKS-krai]

    The Sun and Moon calendar is used by the various Kukuvaka tribes. It divides the year into three seasons (High Sun, Waning Sun, and Waxing Sun), each of which consist of a number of 30-day months and one or more Festivals of 6 or 12 days, as shown below.

High Sun [Ak Karux] Festival of the Highest Sun [Kaǩu Viǩa Karux Khavr] 6 96 101
High Sun [Ak Karux] Scorch Moon [Kakivav Kixkr] 30 102 131
High Sun [Ak Karux] Morrow Moon [Kla Kixkr] 30 132 161
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Rest Moon [rv Kixkr] 30 162 191
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Gather Moon [Kaǩ Kixkr] 30 192 221
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Festival of the Cooling Sun [Vrkuxa Karux Khavr] 6 222 227
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Breeze Moon [Kuǩvix Kixkr] 30 228 257
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Mist Moon [Ǩikil Kixkr] 30 258 287
Waning Sun [Ik Karux] Lowsun [Xuk Karux Khavr] 6 288 293
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] 6 294 299
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] Bloom Moon [Vur Kixkr] 30 300 329
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] Haze Moon [Kixkukǩ Kixkr] 30 330 359
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] Festival of the Soaring Sun [Ikirix Karux Khavr] 6 360 365
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] Hoard Moon [Kixkrih Kixkr] 30 366 5
Waxing Sun [Xuǩuda Karux] Wind Moon [Kivix Kixkr] 30 6 35
High Sun [Ak Karux] Sorrow Moon [Kuky Kixkr] 30 36 65
High Sun [Ak Karux] Smolder Moon [Ǩavrikix Kixkr] 30 66 95

    This calendar has no equivalent of a week and the days are all named numerically in each subdivision.

1 Day One [Ak Kuvik] 16 Day Sixteen [Kul Kuvik]
2 Day Two [Ka Kuvik] 17 Day Seventeen [Kikr Kuvik]
3 Day Three [Krix Kuvik] 18 Day Eighteen [Iǩhr Kuvik]
4 Day Four [Kr Kuvik] 19 Day Nineteen [Ukxuk Kuvik]
5 Day Five [Kixk Kuvik] 20 Day Twenty [Vuk Kuvik]
6 Day Six [Ǩ Kuvik] 21 Day Twenty One [Akivuk Kuvik]
7 Day Seven [Kik Kuvik] 22 Day Twenty Two [Kivuki Kuvik]
8 Day Eight [Iǩ Kuvik] 23 Day Twenty Three [Kravuk Kuvik]
9 Day Nine [Xiv Kuvik] 24 Day Twenty Four [Kuvuk Kuvik]
10 Day Ten [Kk Kuvik] 25 Day Twenty Five [Kikuk Kuvik]
11 Day Eleven [Ikxr Kuvik] 26 Day Twenty Six [Ǩivuk Kuvik]
12 Day Twelve [Kr Kuvik] 27 Day Twenty Seven [Vukkik Kuvik]
13 Day Thirteen [Kar Kuvik] 28 Day Twenty Eight [Iǩuxivuk Kuvik]
14 Day Fourteen [Kak Kuvik] 29 Day Twenty Nine [Ukixikruk Kuvik]
15 Day Fifteen [Kixkr Kuvik] 30 Day Thirty [Kruk Kuvik]