Rice Cycle Calendar

Gurom Sedr [GUH-rom | soh-eh-DEE-ree]

    The Rice Cycle calendar is based on rice cultivation and is used by the Kyrem people. It divides the year into two equal divisions known as Crops [Krimu]. Each Crop is further divided into three season [d] of 65 days, these are Yask, meaning "planting", Kkru, meaning "growing", and Dr, meaning "reaping". Each of the Seasons is divided into four 16-day months [Skde] and one holy day [Smr Re] when all the gods are honoured. The years are counted from the founding of the Yue state, making the current year 1999.

Krude Krimu (Initial Crop) Yask d [Planting Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 196 211
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 212 227
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 228
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 229 244
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 245 260
Kkru d [Growing Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 261 276
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 277 292
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 293
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 294 309
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 310 325
Dr d [Reaping Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 326 341
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 342 357
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 358
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 359 374
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 375 390
Skise Krimu (Subsequent Crop) Yask d [Planting Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 1 16
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 17 32
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 33
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 34 49
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 50 65
Kkru d [Growing Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 66 81
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 82 97
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 98
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 99 114
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 115 130
Dr d [Reaping Season] Ikre Skde (First Month) 16 131 146
Ne Skde (Second Month) 16 147 162
Smr Re (Holy Day) 1 163
Som Skde (Third Month) 16 164 179
Yom Skde (Fourth Month) 16 180 195

    The months are divided into two 7-day weeks [Srdom], designated Male and Female, separated by a 2-day market period.  The days of the weeks are named after one of the Gods or Goddeses of the Quattordeist cult (this is the day when that particular deity is honoured).

1 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu Tekedke Re (Day of the Greatest of Goddesses) Zamu Kesam Tekedke 
2 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu kaske Re (Day of the Great Goddess) Zamde Jikr kaske
3 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu Medke Re (Day of the Goddess) Komkme Tukre Medke
4 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu Frkedke Re (Day of the Old Goddess) Uade Kdk Frkedke
5 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu Maske Re (Day of the Goddess) Mukdr Kuseku Maske
6 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu kadke (Day of the Great Goddess) Sae Kr kadke
7 Juk Srdom (Female Week) Amu Kukaske Re (Day of the Young Goddess) kresk Nd Kukaske 
8 Ikrebu Rebe (Market Days) Sekru Re (First Day) n/a
9 Ikrebu Rebe (Market Days) Nebomka Re (Second Day) n/a
10 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu Kuske Re (Day of the Young God) d Sesamk Kuske
11 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu dke (Day of the Great God) Rae Uar dke
12 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu Ske Re (Day of the God) Tarre Srerku Ske 
13 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu Frdke Re (Day of the Old God) Somkre Musr Frdke
14 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu Dke Re (Day of the God) Nrasme Tukre Dke
15 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu ske Re (Day of the Great God) d Jikr ske
16 Domk Srdom (Male Week) Amu Tedke Re (Day of the Greatest of Gods) Zamu vre Tedke